Political Power – the Real Reason why the Congressional Staffers are exempted from Obamacare.

by historypublishing

The arrogance of power was no better displayed than when Congress opted to have their staffers exempted from Obamacare, the health plan it inflicted in total ignorance and blind arrogance, on the American public. It is the plan the public majority did not want. It is proving problematic for many, ruinous to some, and a stimulant for early doctor retirement.  And it is much more expensive than anticipated, ergo congressional staff disenchantment and by presidential edict, staffer exemption.

This exemption of congressional staffers has the aura of favors granted to a royal court. Former FBI psychologist Dr. Kathy Puckett would probably agree. A founder of the Bureau’s Behavioral Analysis Program, she wrote of political   power in her book Homeland Insecurity:

“Why do politicians appear to believe they are above the laws that constrain the behavior of every other American? They are literally addicted to the perks and pleasures of power,” she wrote. “The political culture in Washington D.C., just like the royal courts of monarchies and the ancient Roman Senate, operates on the same principle: power enables privilege. Privilege shared creates its own excepted, favored class, exempt from legal and social rules that govern the citizens.” Dr. Puckett concluded,” It feels good to be a member of this class, so good that the pleasure centers of the brain are activated, and the process of addiction to power-and privilege-begins.”

Dr. Puckett co-authored with retired FBI Special Agent Terry Turchie, Homeland Insecurity: How Washington Politicians Have Made America Less Safe and wrote it with the assurance of one with both the formal education of the psychologist and that of a highly skilled Federal investigator. She wrote extensively of the happenings that are caused by the addiction to power to elected officials on both sides of the aisle. It is a human condition, not one of political persuasion, and the addiction has caused harm to the country as it did to great states of history,

Of recent happenings in Washington, her words ring true,“Every politician acts to satisfy the interests of the group or constituency that helped put him or her in power. Intense personal bonds are developed with a handful of people who are able to implement a politician’s visions and further his or her power. The loyalties that develop reinforce the power politicians hold…Congress takes care of its own.”

It explains a great deal.